African Nights

African Nights

African Nights, Georgina’s Story

Georgina’s life is in turmoil. A broken relationship, a passionate love affair, a life threatening illness, her lover’s disastrous trek into the wild lands of the Kalahari and the trauma of realising that she has made a great mistake.

These are just some of the challenges she confronts in this gripping story.

When Georgina’s parents decided to take the family on a safari in South Africa, to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary they had little idea of the outcome.

Georgina meets Sammy the enigmatic safari leader, they fall in love. During Georgina’s visits she experiences the darker side of Africa when a boy is kidnapped and the culprits are found to be involved in obtaining body parts for witchcraft and poaching rhino horns and ivory.

When Georgina finds that her skin cancer has returned she does not go back to see Sammy as she had planned, telling him that it was over between them.

Sammy, devastated and losing all reason, drives off into the wild lands of the Kalahari Desert. He runs out of food and water and is then attacked by leopards. Dangerously injured, in shock and wandering in the desert he is found by two San Bushmen who take him back to their camp.

Georgina, on hearing that Sammy has disappeared, returns to Africa to help try and find him. It is then that she realizes that she loves Sammy and cannot bear to lose him.

The book is based on a true story, and gives a wonderful insight into the South African way of life, and an intriguing glimpse of existence of the San Bushmen people of the Kalahari Desert.

Price: £8.95

Publisher: emp3books

ISBN-12: 978-1907140303

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