Aphrodisiacs – Aphrodite’s Secrets Kindle e-book Edition

Aphrodisiacs - Aphrodite's Secrets Kindle e-book Edition

Aphrodisiacs – Aphrodite’s Secrets Kindle e-book Edition

Sexuality, Sexual Dysfunction, and a History and A-Z of Aphrodisiacs

Linda Louisa Dell’s book, Aphrodisiacs, Aphrodite’s Secrets, will help those seeking to spice up their love lives as well as those whose love lives may be suffering due to stress in these hard times.

The book deals with sexuality, sexual dysfunction and its history PLUS an A-Z of aphrodisiacs.

Low sex drive is very common in times of stress and can affect up to one fifth of the population at any one time. This book details an enormous range of aphrodisiacs substances, vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils and drugs that have, reputedly, a profound and beneficial effect on the libido. Sex magic, oils incenses, deities, problems and answers are all detailed here.

Linda previous books are the highly acclaimed Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep and Dreamtime which dealt with sleep problems and with the world of dreams. Aphrodisiacs, Aphrodite’s Secrets takes us a step further, investigating sexual problems and aphrodisiacs.

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