Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep

Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep

Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep

Prediction Book of the Month Oct 05.


Ever suffered from insomnia? Most people do at one stage or other during their lives; and some unfortunates, battle sleeplessness night after night. No matter which category you fall in, this marvelous book could provide the answer. The author details various reasons for insomnia as well as an amazing number of potential remedies. She explains the purposes of sleep, the importance of dreaming and the misery of sleeplessness. More importantly, she suggests ways to combat insomnia with a selection of relaxation techniques, hands-on healing, natural remedies and much much more. The tone throughout is one of sound sense, including very helpful appendices. In fact there is everything you ever wanted to know about sleep or lack of it – in this excellent book. Highly recommended” Prediction magazine.

This book gives some of the many reasons for sleep problems and sets out some of the many remedies, therapies and techniques that can help you to re-train your sleep patterns to your very individual needs. Starting with an explanation of what insomnia is, the author progresses to cover the purposes of sleep, dreaming, sleep posture, depression, chronic fatigue, women’s problems, stress, SAD, relaxation techniques, hands-on healing, and much much more. Problems and possible remedies are blended here making fascinating reading and a real help for anyone experiencing sleep problems – and so many of us have for all sorts of reasons. Help yourself get a good night’s sleep – read this.

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Healing and Health

ISBN-10: 186163238X