A History, Mythology, Physiology and Guide to the Interpretation of Dreams

By Linda Louisa Dell, author of the much acclaimed Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep. Why dreams occur, sleep cycles, how dreams can be used and controlled are all topics investigated here. The book also includes an excellent dream dictionary to give insights into the meanings of dreams. Dream the vision and envision the dream – this book will start you on that journey.

In this book the author investigates the history and background to dreams including the belief of ancient civilization and modern cultures, important dreams through history, major theories about dreaming such as those of Freud and Jung as well as more modern theories, significant recent research and data on animal sleeping experiences. She looks at the phenomena of sleep and dreaming including the basic sleep cycles and how a dream is structured in addition to lucid dreaming, astral projection and nightmares, sleep paralysis and problem solving. Sleep disorders, such as insomnia, sleep-walking and sleep talking are also covered. Part two of the book gives a comprehensive dream directory and details some of the most common dream subjects for an extra in-depth analysis. It is essential for readers to have some awareness of this long and rich history if they want to have a well-grounded understanding of twentieth century dream psychology. Dreams follow us out of sleep, bringing their magic and mystery into our waking lives, building a bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness, between the known and the unknown. Dreams inspire us to reclaim their experience through the language of creative thought, art, literature, film, music and movement through our eyes, hands, hearts and minds. Dream the vision and envision the dream – this book will start you on that journey. Linda Louisa Dell is the author of “Can‘t Sleep, Won‘t Sleep”.

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ISBN-10: 1861632789