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Earthscape; a long way from home:



Stranded on Earth, two charismatic aliens, they seem to be benign, but are they, or do they have a more sinister agenda? Kaximaki is devastatingly attractive but young and naive; he gets left behind when his space ship has to leave suddenly. He meets Katie, a young Earth woman, and they start their adventure together, as they flee the authorities and are hunted across Europe. His equally charming uncle, Jacopo, is also stranded but is picked up by the authorities and held in a secure government facility.

Kaximaki’s mother causes chaos back in his home world and the boys’ presence on Earth threatens to disrupt ‘The Plan’ that the aliens of the Tri-planet alliance have for Earth. Their planet, Tinka 17, is going to be sucked up into a black hole within the next few hundred years. They need a new home. Could it be Earth? But there are already too many people on Earth and they need to reduce the population. Could a deadly virus be the answer?