The Arranged Wedding

The Arranged Wedding will be available on amazon next week at £6.99 for the book and £1.99 on kindle.

The Arranged Wedding from Linda Louisa Dell


Leena Purri lives with her family, Mum, Dad and brother, Sevi, in Tonbridge a town in southern England. Next door are the Prices, their son Jim and their daughter Dawn. Alastair Price the elder brother, left home under suspicious circumstances. Leena, nineteen, is working in an office but she wants to go to university.  Her parents arrange a marriage to a local boy, Rajput Gowda, who comes from a wealthy local family. Things do not go to plan when Leena’s best friend, Pretti, elopes with Rajput. So, reluctantly, Leena’s is allowed to go to the University of Brighton, where she shares digs with an English girl called Janie. They are soon good buddies and acquire a circle of colleagues, one of them being a young man called Alum. Leena and Alum always argue but secretly they love each other, but they are both too stubborn to admit it. Things are further complicated in that Alum’s best friend, Pieter, thinks he is in love with Leena and Leena’s room-mate Janie is in love with Pieter. Interwoven into Leena’s story is that of her neighbours, the Prices, who have a difficult relationship and a family secret.  Their daughter, Dawn, becomes involved with Benji, an Asian street trader, much to the consternation of her mother.  Leena helps us tell this story with the aid of her diaries.


“When third generation Asian girl, Leena, learns that her traditionalist parents have arranged a wedding for her with an Asian boy in whom she has little interest, a fascinating sequence of events is set in motion which shows how very different such family arrangements are within the culture and context of modern-day England with a lively, sparky young female who has ideas of her own about her future. The twists and turns of the ingenious plot, the well-observed characters and the pace of the writing will keep the reader captivated and absorbed throughout, while the novel’s resolution comes as a delight and a surprise. Strongly recommended”.

Robin Squires, author and scriptwriter.