Yes and Pigs Might Fly

Yes and Pigs Might Fly

Yes and Pigs Might Fly

Rosie is a beautiful and sensitive women; with three children by her violent and abusive husband. When the children grow up and leave home, Rosie also leaves; she just walks out one day and does not return, losing contact with her family. Living on the streets and witnessing many hardships and then running a homeless hostel.

Her three children lead very different lives. Jill marries her childhood sweetheart, becomes a published author, continuing to live in the village where she was born. David goes to London and works in an engineering firm, meets his Jane, who has her own tragic family secret. Carla the youngest of the family runs off with a boyfriend to Greece and becomes part of a proud extended family that has some wonderful stories to relate. We follow the histories of these four, very different, characters their families and the people they meet along the way. There are highs and lows as Rosie’s children struggle to survive the loss of their mother. There are also insights into the lives of the homeless as some of their tragic histories are related to Rosie.

The journey is often hard, sometimes joyful, but ultimately inspiring and full of hope.

Yes and Pigs might fly came third in the Wishing Shelf fiction awards.

Price: Paperback: £8.95 – E-book: £5.95

Publisher: emp3books

ISBN-12: 978-1907140303

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