Three Nuns go to Heaven Three nuns die and go to heaven.


Three nuns die and go to heaven.

They are standing in front of the pearly gates and Saint Peter comes out to greet them.

“Welcome to heaven,” he says. “Now, just because you’re nuns doesn’t mean you can automatically get into heaven.

I have to ask you each a question.

“Okay,” say the nuns.

So Saint Peter turns to the first nun.“What is the name of Jesus’s mother?” he asks.

“Mary,” replies the first nun.

“That’s right. You can come in.”

He turns to the second nun. “What are the names of two of the twelve disciples?”

“Peter and Paul,” she answers.

“That’s right. You can come in.”

Then he turns to the third nun, who happens to be a Mother Superior.

“Now,” he says. “As you are the Mother Superior, your question will have to be more difficult.”

“Okay,” she says.

“Right; what was the first thing Eve said when she met Adam in the Garden of Eden?” he asks.

“Crikey,” she says, “That’s a hard one.”

“That’s right,” Saint Peter says. “You can come in.”