Aphrodisiacs an A-Z

Self-publishing can sometimes lead to mainline publishing. One of my first books: Aphrodite’s Secrets published about ten years ago, with Capall Bann Publishing, it was about sexual problems and sexual dysfunction and it had a small A-Z of aphrodisiacs at the back, three and a half years ago I self-published a portion of this book with a small introduction on sexual problems, and a larger section on the A-Z of aphrodisiacs.

In January 2013, I received an enquiry from the American publisher Skyhorse. They had seen my book and were interested in publishing it. They wanted an introduction and an even larger A-Z of aphrodisiacs and asked if I could supply it. I said yes, when do you want it? So in August last year I sent a draft manuscript which they accepted. They sent me a contract and an advance of $1000 dollars. The book will be published in May this year in hardback, then in soft back and e-book. They are also working on a Spanish language version.


Linda Louis Dell