Can self-publishing lead to main line publishing?


Self-publishing can sometimes lead to mainline publishing. One of my first books: Aphrodite’s Secrets published about ten years ago with Capall Bann Publishing, was about sexual problems and sexual dysfunction and it had a small A-Z of aphrodisiacs at the back; Three years ago I self-published a portion of this book with a small introduction on sexual problems, and a larger section on the A-Z of aphrodisiacs.

In January 2014 I received an enquiry from the American publisher Skyhorse. They had seen my book and were interested in publishing it. They wanted a small introduction and a larger A-Z of aphrodisiacs and asked if I could supply it. I said yes, when do you want it? So in August last year I sent a draft manuscript which they accepted. They sent me a contract and an advance of $1000 dollars. The book will be published next May, 2015 in hardback, then in soft back and e-book. They also want to work on a Spanish language version.

I also published a book of short stories a few years ago, The Story Tree, and have since been asked to contribute a short story to a Christmas anthology published by Alfie dog. It did not bring in a lot on royalties. In fact, I have only received £4.90 so far but there were twenty contributors and it all helps with getting your name out there. Alfie dog have an online site where you can buy short stories for as little as .39p each. Well worth a look. They often run a short story competition and do anthologies on different themes including children’s stories.

I worked as a therapist in four John Lewis stores for about 15 years and they asked me to write a Christmas story for their staff magazine one year, the story was called Christmas Decorations. Several years ago I was asked by an English language teaching book if they could use one of my articles as a teaching aid. It was an article about Chocolate that had been in The Lady magazine.

It is now in their current work book for IGCSE in ESL English language course.

At times writing, publishing and especially self-publishing can be a challenging, lonely and disappointing business.

But sometimes something wonderful happens and it all feels worthwhile, but there are also the rejection days. Try if you can to always find something positive, and learn from every experience.

Linda Louisa Dell