Extract from Earthscape: a long way from home

I was on holiday with my friend Wanda. On the first morning we went down to breakfast and we were joined by a lady from our group. Then Wanda said. “There is a pair of knickers hanging on the tree outside my window.”

“Oh they are mine this lady said. They flew out the window when I was unpacking.”

I used this event in my book Earthscape when relating some of the odd things that happened to Janie a holiday trouble shooter when she visited different hotels.

“Well she arrived at this hotel in Gran Canaria that she was to give the once-over; apparently she was really taken with her room. The resort was warm, lush and green, everything she had imagined. She said that she threw open the French windows, and the verdant smell of honey suckle blossoms and sea salt wafted in and she felt her senses soar. So then she turned to unpack her case, the clothes she had so carefully packed back in England. She piled out onto the bed, tee-shirts and shorts and a few nice dresses for the evening,” I stopped there and gave them a grin. “One dress in emerald green silk was very crumpled so she shook it out in front of her; a pair of gossamer thin, pale pink panties sailed out of the French doors and landed in the palm tree outside her window, fluttering like a flag over the main entrance of the hotel,” I said. “Jayne likes to announce her arrival.”