Yes and Pigs Might Fly

Rosie’s Story

By Linda Louisa Dell

Follow over 30 years of family history in Yes and Pigs Might Fly: Rosie’s Story , also to be available as an e-book on Amazon.com / Kindle Books, the sweeping new romantic drama by Linda Louisa Dell.

Rosie Wilde, the beautiful, sensitive woman at the heart of Yes and Pigs Might Fly, is stuck in an abusive, seemingly hopeless marriage with no way out and no way to support her three children, Jill, David and Carla. After they grow up and leave home, Rosie finds the courage to leave and simply walks out one day, never to return, cutting off contact with all family. She heads down a dark road of homelessness and hardship as she struggles to cope with the years of physical and sexual abuse endured at the hands of her husband.

Meanwhile, we follow the lives of Jill, David and Carla, now grown and attempting to build stable, happy homes for themselves. Will they succeed? Set In England and in Olympia, Greece. We follow the lives of these memorable characters as they intertwine throughout the years and join them on a path to heal old wounds in the compelling pages of Yes and Pigs Might Fly.

Advanced praise for Yes and Pigs Might Fly:

“From the beginning you are immersed in the world of the Wilde family, from Rosie’s harsh marriage and life on the streets, to the lives of her children as they made their way in the world not knowing the whereabouts of their mother. I particularly loved Carla’s journey and the descriptions of her life in Greece. It’s wonderfully emotive and in my opinion the perfect holiday read.” — Lynne Chiles, writer and lecturer.

About the Author

Linda Louisa Dell, a former model, has traveled around the world. She studied Spanish, science and technology at Middx University and studied at the University of Costa Rica. Another six months were spent traveling through Central and South America, where Linda wrote her Spanish thesis on the history of Carnival in Trinidad. She is also the author of Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep, Dreamtime: A History, Mythology, Physiology and Guide to the Interpretation of Dreams, Aphrodisiacs and Mystic Moon, all published by Capall Bann.co.uk

This is her first novel.