The Street Cleaner

The Street Cleaner Every morning he would collect his trolley, his brushes and brooms. Often he needed a mop and shovel. It could get messy. Sometimes he would get a tip-off about where there was rubbish to clean up.   But this refuse was easy to find.  It might be in the road or down an alley, behind some shops or in the park. Quickly he would do his job; scoop-up, hide the mess, and clean away the evidence. The affluent people of the city did not want this rubbish on their streets. It was his job to clean it away as quickly and efficiently as possible. Bogotá was kept clean of this riff-raff, this trash that no-one wanted. They died in their thousands every year, these street children – because they had no home, and no one that loved them. The street cleaner was kept very busy.